Blog #1

Write one or more paragraphs about yourself. Tell us where you went to school from K – 9.

In the first 9 years of my schooling I went to 4 different schools! My first school was called Motesory. I attended Montesory for Pre-school/Kindergarden and daycare during grade 1. Ecole Sam Livingston was my elementary school from grade 1-3. The school turned to complete french emersion so I went to Amdrew Sibbald! I only went to Andrew Sibbald for grade 4 and 5. The school system decided to make middle schools fo from 5-9 so I moved to Nickle! I stayed at Nickle from grade 6 to 9 (the longest time I have ever stayed at a school!).

Tell us something about your family.
I grew up with one sister and my mom and dad. Me and my sister danced for 9 years together. I have had 4  pets. One cat named Chloe. We had to get rid of her because I develouped an allergy to her! after Chloe we got 2 fish named flower and goldy. We gave them away. Just before I started grade 1 we got a puppy named Colby-Jack! And we didn’t give him away!

Write about your passions: what you do best and what you like to do more than other things.

I dance outside of school up to 10 classes a week. My classes average around 45 minutes long each. I do 3 tap classes, 3 jazz classes, 2 normal ballet classes, 1 pointe class and one contemporary class. I’ve danced at 3 studios. My second studio was my favorite dance wise. They were much more competative and serious about dance. I’m doing my first year of competition with my current studio.



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