Blog #9


1. Have you ever watched an Internet video that teaches how to do something, or explains an idea or problem? Have you ever considered making a video like that? What talents or expertise would you want to share in your own Internet video? What would you want to teach the world?

I watch a lot of internet videos about science and weird facts that I’ll never be able to put into use in the real world.  I also like to watch videos that talk about human rights and things like that.  I dont think I would ever make a video about anything but if I did it would probably be about stupid science facts or dance or something.  I want to teach the world about human rights and show them what is going on in the world and why everyone should know.

2. Lines are an unavoidable part of life. We wait in lunch lines, lift lines, gas lines, bathroom lines and fan lines. What do you wait in line for now? What would you spend the night in line for?

I wait in line for food in school and out of school. I wait in line at clotihng stores. I would spend the night in line to meet someone who is absolutely legendary. How long I would be willing to wait would depend on the person. I don’t lik eot wait but I’m pretty patient.



Blog #8

Does buying and accumulating more and more stuff make us happier?

I think it depends on the person and also the item. I think buying things does make some people happier butsome people have different values and they see other things to be more fit to spend money on like family or to just save it up to vacation or something. Buying things can make your quality of life better by keeping up with technology and trends.

How does your  school deal with a student who misbehaves?

I haven’t been at beaverbrook for long enough to know how people are punished.  I see a lot of people who are late for class and it is just brushed off or forgotten. At my old high school people could skip and it wouldn’t be an issue. Teachers didn’t really care, (its our education not theirs). People fought a lot in the smoking pit though and they would get suspended.

Blog #7


Have you ever been to summer camp? What was your experience like? Will you be going to a camp this summer? If you were to design the perfect summer camp experience, what would it be like? Why?

I have been to 2 summer camps. I have been to a horse riding camp and a Christian Camp.  Both camps were fun. I don’t really feel a need to go back. I’m not going back this summer. I don’t want too. I don’t really know what a perfect summer camp would be. I think it would br something that we would be outside a lot and not using technology.

Have you ever gotten advice or learned how to do something via the Internet? Did it help? Have you ever
gotten bad advice?

I’ve learned how to do pointless things on the internet. I use to look up how to do stupid tricks and learn them but I never really communicated with anyone over the internet, so I have never gotten good or bad advice over the internet.

Blog #6

What do you like about your PRIDE class? What don’t you like about your PRIDE class?

I don’t find pride class very useful. Pride class is boring and if you aren’t friends with anyone in your class. The activities that we have to do I don’t see what the point of them is. If i could change anything, I would take pride out of the schedule and just have homeroom. It would make more sense for the classes to be alphabetical.  That way we can become friends with the people we will be sitting with at graduation. (This would be super helpful for people whose last names start with letters later in the alphabet.)