Blog #7


Have you ever been to summer camp? What was your experience like? Will you be going to a camp this summer? If you were to design the perfect summer camp experience, what would it be like? Why?

I have been to 2 summer camps. I have been to a horse riding camp and a Christian Camp.  Both camps were fun. I don’t really feel a need to go back. I’m not going back this summer. I don’t want too. I don’t really know what a perfect summer camp would be. I think it would br something that we would be outside a lot and not using technology.

Have you ever gotten advice or learned how to do something via the Internet? Did it help? Have you ever
gotten bad advice?

I’ve learned how to do pointless things on the internet. I use to look up how to do stupid tricks and learn them but I never really communicated with anyone over the internet, so I have never gotten good or bad advice over the internet.


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