Blog #10

Q1 – Are you a fan of a particular sports team — or actor, television show, musician, band, movie, writer or anything else? Fanhood can bring you joy, and make feel like you’re part of a community with other like-minded people. Has being a fan of something or someone ever seemed to define you as a person?

I am obsessed with the show Dexter. I have watched every episode and its one of those shows that just pulls you in so you can’t stop watching. None of my friends watch Dexter too so I don’t really have a ‘fanbase’. The show hasen’t really changed me as a person. It did make my interest in murder and stuff bigger.

Q2 – We can’t help but watch them. Whether it’s “Gangnam Style” or videos about sports tricks, we watch — then tell our friends to watch — and pretty soon a video has gone viral. What are your favorite viral videos? Why?

I like videos that Shaycarl makes because he is a family guy and he is such a good role-model. He lives sucha normal life and he is just awesome. I also like to watch pet videos (tea-cup pigs and dogs). I don’t know why I like to watch them, I just like so look at how cute they are.


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