Blog #11

Q1 – Should comments among friends made on Facebook be considered private? Or should we expect that anything said on social media might be viewed by the world?

And if our boss doesn’t like what we write on Facebook, Twitter or other social media, should it be grounds for getting fired?

I think that social media should be private towards co-workers, employers and employees.  People should not go through employees’ social media because there could be information or material that the person did not want a co-worker to see. On the other hand, facebook is public. We should learn to be cautious about what we post and the material we are making avalible to the world.

Q2 – Have you ever witnessed someone doing something wrong–whether a bully picking on someone weaker or someone committing a crime? If so, what did you do? Why?

Do you think bystanders have a responsibility to intervene when they witness wrongdoing?

Yes, I have. I have been around people ‘commiting crimes’, but usually these are things that I don’t see as wrong. I don’t join in but I don’t see why I see the point in stopping them. If people are going to be ‘bad, then I don’t have the power to make them stop doing ‘bad’ things. People wil do whatever they want whether I think its wrong or not.  Bystanders don’t really have an effect on people because if someone really wants to do something, they won’t stop.


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