Blog #12

Q1 – Should children have complete control over the clothes they wear, and other aspects of their physical appearance, like hairstyles and makeup?Or should parents have a say in how their children present themselves to the world?

I think that there should be limits set on the clothing and make up a child should wear. I think very young kids should have complete freedom in what they wear so they can learn what they like and how to express themselves in their clothes. But when teenagers start wearing provocative clothes is isn’t acceptable.

Q2 – An organization called A Complaint Free World is trying to help people give up the habit of what it deems a toxic form of communication. Do you feel that this is a good goal to have? Do you think complaining is bad for those who do it and those who listen to other people complain?

I don’t think it is okay for people to complain all the time. Occasinally I think it is fine, but some people take it too far.  People should not complain about things they take for granted, but I am guilty of that.


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