Blog #13


Do you collect autographed baseballs, hockey pucks, ticket stubs, funky earrings, classic video games or anything else? Sometimes we decide to hold on to a few objects because we think they will be valuable someday, or because we just can’t bear to part with them for sentimental reasons. Do you plan on saving any of your belongings for the future?

I don’t collect or save anything. Even when I was younger I never saw anything worth saving that was just an everyday item. In the future I don’t think i am going to save anything unless it has value or meaning to me.


Young people, especially boys, are playing bloodier and more realistic video games than ever before, and scientists are looking for links between real life violence and violent video games. However, the research so far is inconclusive.  What do you think? Do violent video games make people more violent in real life? Why or why not?

I don’t think that the video games are the problem. I think that how a kid is raised has a major affect on the mark a video game will make.  I think that the kids don’t really see the impact a video game can make but it is also a responcibility of the parents to make sure that they aren’t getting too ‘into the game’.


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