Blog #4

Did you just learn something new that you’ve been trying to do for a long time?

About  two weeks ago I learned how to  do a kartwheel.  I’ve been trying to learn how to do one since I started going to school in kindergarten. I learned to do a kartwheel in dance while playing with the acrobatics mats.



Blog Post #3

What is your current favourite time-sucker? This is the thing/activity/game/website/whatever that prevents you from doing other things you know you should be doing (like, say, completing your school work).

My most used time sucker is Tumblr. I could spend hours and hours just looking at pictures and other peoples’ posts.  I’ve had my own blog for a little less than a year and it just recently started growing on me.



Blog Post #2

  1. What is something you have learned well without formal teaching?  How did you learn it?  This could be a sport, hobby, musical instrument, etc.

Something I have learned to do by myself is art. Ever since I was little I have loved drawing, painting and taking pictures.  I learned to do art just by doing. No one ever instructed me to do this so I just kind of did it.

Another thing I have taught myslef to do very well is procrastinate! Ever since grade 6 or 7 I have been an expert procrastinator. No one else in my family does it. It’s just me. I learned how to do this out of the laziness within me.

2.  Six months into your senior high school. What do you think so far? What do you like or dislike about senior   high school thus far?

So far in high school I’ve already witched schools! I spent the first semester at my designated high school and it was alright. It was the exact same as junior high except no one was as close anymore. As soon as I tranfered to LBHS it was a lot less cliquey and everyone was a lot nicer. I don’t like not having my friends in all my classes. Generally I like high school a lot and its really fun 🙂


Blog #1

Write one or more paragraphs about yourself. Tell us where you went to school from K – 9.

In the first 9 years of my schooling I went to 4 different schools! My first school was called Motesory. I attended Montesory for Pre-school/Kindergarden and daycare during grade 1. Ecole Sam Livingston was my elementary school from grade 1-3. The school turned to complete french emersion so I went to Amdrew Sibbald! I only went to Andrew Sibbald for grade 4 and 5. The school system decided to make middle schools fo from 5-9 so I moved to Nickle! I stayed at Nickle from grade 6 to 9 (the longest time I have ever stayed at a school!).

Tell us something about your family.
I grew up with one sister and my mom and dad. Me and my sister danced for 9 years together. I have had 4  pets. One cat named Chloe. We had to get rid of her because I develouped an allergy to her! after Chloe we got 2 fish named flower and goldy. We gave them away. Just before I started grade 1 we got a puppy named Colby-Jack! And we didn’t give him away!

Write about your passions: what you do best and what you like to do more than other things.

I dance outside of school up to 10 classes a week. My classes average around 45 minutes long each. I do 3 tap classes, 3 jazz classes, 2 normal ballet classes, 1 pointe class and one contemporary class. I’ve danced at 3 studios. My second studio was my favorite dance wise. They were much more competative and serious about dance. I’m doing my first year of competition with my current studio.